18th International RFP Workshop  
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    Monday, March 26

    8:45-9:00  Welcome address and business announcement

    Session I  (Chair: S. Prager)

    9:00-9:25    Y. Hirano
    "Present status of TPE-RX experiment"

    9:25-9:50    P. Innocente
    "Confinement enhancement with Virtual Shell in RFX-mod"

    9:50-10:15   B. Chapman
    "High beta, high density, improved confinement plasmas in MST"

    10:15-10:45      Coffee break

    10:45-11:10  J. Drake
    "Effects of intelligent shell feedback on RFP plasma discharge parameters"

    11:10-11:35  M. E. Puiatti
    "High density limit in hydrogen and helium discharges in RFX-mod"

    11:35-12:00  S. Masamune
    "Initial results from low-aspect ratio RFP experiment "RELAX""

    12:00-13:30    Lunch

    Session II  (Chair: Y. Hirano)

    13:30-13:55  F. Auriemma
    "Toroidally asymmetric particle transport caused by phase locking of MHD modes in RFX-mod"

    13:55-14:20  J. Anderson
    "Measurement of heat transport through the sawtooth cycle on MST"

    14:20-14:45  R. O'Connell
    "Simultaneous measurement of >1keV ions and <2keV electrons on the MST"

    14:45-15:15      Coffee break

    15:15-15:40  G. Fiksel
    "Studies of momentum transport and reconnection in MST"

    15:40-16:05  J. Scheffel
    "Numerical studies of active current profile control in the reversed field pinch"

    16:05-16:30  F. Ebrahimi
    "Momemtum transport from current-driven reconnection in Reversed Field Pinch"

    16:30-16:55  Y. Kondoh
    "An algorithm to find self-similarly evolving and minimally dissipated states of plasmas realized after relaxation and self-organization"

    Tuesday, March 27

    Session III  (Chair: D. Schnack)

    8:45-9:10    F. Auriemma
    "Pellet injection in TPE-RX"

    9:10-9:35    H. Sakakita
    "High power neutral beam injection experiments in the TPE-RX RFP plasma"

    9:35-10:00   P. Martin
    "Fast ion confinement in RFP and comparison with tokamak"

    10:00-10:25  P. Piovesan
    "Recent results on QSH in RFX-mod and MST"

    10:25-10:50       Coffee Break

    10:50-11:15  P. Zanca
    "Beyond the Intelligent-Shell concept: the Clean-Mode-Control for tearing instabilities"

    11:15-11:40  P. Brunsell
    "Studies of RWM control methods in EXTRAP T2R"

    11:40-12:05  L. Marrelli
    "Active control of resistive kink instabilities and magnetic self-organization"

    12:05-12:30  Y. Kikuchi
    "Experimental and theoretical studies of field penetration of an externally applied rotating resonant magnetic perturbation in TEXTOR"

    12:30-13:45  Lunch

    Session IV  (Chair: H. Himura)

    13:45-14:10  T. Hatae
    "Development of polarization interferometer based on Fourier transform spectroscopy for Thomson scattering in TPE-RX"

    14:10-14:35  P. Scarin
    "Intermittent turbulence study in the edge of RFP plasma with GPI diagnostic"

    14:35-15:00  Y. Nagayama
    "Microwave imaging refrectometry in TPE-RX"

    15:00-15:20      Coffee Break

    15:20-15:45  J. Goetz
    "RF current drive experiment on MST"

    15:45-16:10  V. Antoni
    "Electrostatic transport and coherent structures in RFX-mod"

    16:10-16:35  K. Yambe
    "Measurement and analysis of fast magnetic fluctuations in the edge region of TPE-RX reversed field pinch plasma"

    19:00     Workshop dinner

    Wednesday, March 28

    Session V  (Chair: D. Escande)

    9:00-9:25   H. Koguchi
    "Confinement properties of TPE-RX"

    9:25-9:50    R. Piovan
    "First results of RFX-mod test on low-q pinches"

    9:50-10:15   D. Bonfiglio
    "Preliminary results of 3D nonlinear MHD simulations for ultra-low q plasmas and OPCD RFP discharges"

    10:15-10:40  Coffee Break

    10:40-11:05  D. Den Hartog
    "Spectroscopic measurement of the MHD dynamo in the core of MST"

    11:05-11:30  M. Zuin
    "Current structure generation and discrete magnetic relaxation events"

    11:30-11:55  M. Nagata
    "Kinking behavior and current reversal process of helicity-driven torus plasmas"

    11:55-12:20  T. Asai
    "Compact torus (CT) injection experiment on TPE-RX"

    12:20-13:45    Lunch

    Session VI (Chair: F. Gnesotto)

    1345-14:10  K. McCollam
    "Oscillating Field Current Drive on MST"

    14:10-14:35  J. Sarff (for R. Miller)
    "RFP reactor development pathfinding"

    14:35-14:55      Coffee Break

    14:55-15:20  J. Sarff
    "A hybrid inductive scenario for a pulsed-burn RFP reactor with quasi-steady plasma current"

    15:20-15:55  S. Shiina
    "Parameter survey and approach to the relaxed state of steady-state neoclassical RFP equilibrium"

    15:55-16:20  A. Sanpei
    "Neoclassical RFP equilibria with reactor regime parameters"


18th International RFP Workshop